Thank you for this lovely room to comfort my sick daughter. I needed to work while she was in the hospital and this room comforted her during her stay. It was a blessing to us.

We are grateful for making this room a place of solace and comfort during trying moments. It really is a blessing.

This room is an enduring legacy of a cherished child. Liam’s spirit lives on in this room and touches all who enter. We are so grateful that we were able to stay in this special room. Thank you.

Thank you so much for this beautiful room. It make our stay so comfortable. Having a child with many medical issues makes being in the hospital uncomfortable and exhausting. This room was so nice and made our stay so much easier. My daughter was happy and truly felt the warmth that this room shared. The donation of this room will definitely bring comfort to families in need. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift.

Thank you. I so enjoyed my stay. Hurricane Irene had no mercy on my home. I am very ill and in need of a comfortable place to rest. I found that here. The room was paradise and a blessing.

What a great gift this room is to the many parents and children that spend time within its walls. Being in this room made our stay very peaceful and allowed for a quick recovery.

We have had numerous stays at Overlook over the past year and this room was a wonderful respite from the clinical feel of a regular room. Thank you for giving us a bit of peace.

Thank you so much for a beautiful room.It was wonderful to have a room that really did feel like home.

What a lovely room. Thank you so much for providing this for families who need to be in the hospital with their children. It is a wonderful tribute to Liam, and you can tell it is a room filled with love and support.

This room is truly a blessing to our family. It has been overwhelming to find ourselves here in the hospital after only having our little son at home for a week. What a gift its been to be able to endure our stay here in a place that makes us feel so at home. May God bless and keep every child and their families that stay here. I pray his spirit fills this room and touches the heart of all who enter.

We are honored and grateful to share in the love that is Liam’s legacy. The kindness of the McNamara family towards perfect strangers is proof of our potential as humanity. May their wonderful act of kindness inspire us all.

What a great room. We’ve stayed in many many cramped dreary hospital rooms. This was an unexpected pleasure that is going to make her stay a lot easier for her and Mom. Thank you so much for making life a little easier.

We are so grateful for the warmth and kindness of the Overlook staff- and for Liam’s Room where our little girl was able to get better. God bless the McNamara’s for this wonderful gift.

Thank you a million times- Lizzie missed her vacation due to her illness, but she felt like she was in a hotel room here. Blessings to the McNamara family who gave so generously even as a result of so much hardship and sadness.

Thank you so much for letting us stay in this lovely room. What a wonderful tribute to Liam. We had a good stay here. We will never forget you.