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Liam's Room
Your gift will help seriously ill children and their families.
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​Our "Liams's Room" is being used very frequently by oncology and cystic fibrosis patients that are here for weeks at a time. The families cannot say enough positive things about how comfortable the room makes them feel... a little bit of a "home" feeling when they're at the hospital. Most families who do receive a consultation are unaware of the term “palliative care” when we first meet. They are thrilled about our service and very appreciative.

​– Atlantic Healthcare provider

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Liam’s Room is a “hands-on” partner that works closely with hospitals to help improve patient outcomes. We are not a grant-making organization nor a service provider. Our approach is to provide funding, expertise and experience to:

  • Increase understanding of pediatric palliative care and increase awareness that palliative care beginning at the time of diagnosis is a critical component of care.

  • Build and furnish custom-designed inpatient rooms for pediatric respite and palliative care that offer a peaceful, home-like setting for pediatric patients and their families.

  • Assist in the funding of pediatric palliative care education and training for medical professionals working in “Liam’s Rooms.”

Liam’s Room is a 501(C) 3 charitable health organization classified and incorporated in New Jersey.

EIN # 26-0317958

Please contact Lisa McNamara for more information.