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Liam's Room
Your gift will help seriously ill children and their families.
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Our Vision

Our Vision is that every patient who requires pediatric palliative care will receive it so that the family can focus on what matters most – embracing their time together.

Liam’s Room was founded by Peter and Lisa McNamara in 2007, in memory of their son Liam to offer a place of care, love and hope for families caring for a child with a life-threatening illness.

Liam’s Room, Inc. is neither a grant maker nor a service provider.  Partnering with hospitals, we build “Liam’s Rooms” in hospitals that treat seriously ill children.  These specially designed inpatient rooms provide a more welcoming environment for the entire family.  Sofas, recliners, homework space, in-room video games and movies help to create a home-like atmosphere that eases the inherent difficulties of a child’s prolonged hospital stay. The first “Liam’s Room” opened at Overlook Medical Center in Summit NJ, in 2009 and another Liam’s Room opened at Goryeb Children’s Hospital in Morristown, NJ, in 2013. Many people, including medical professionals, do not understand the purpose and benefits of palliative care.  A significant element of our work is helping to fund specialized training and certification of pediatric clinicians.  This includes their attendance at leading pediatric palliative care conferences.  We also work to increase awareness among the wider medical community and the general public through publicity and presentations.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Since 2007, Liam’s Room has helped hundreds of families receiving care in New Jersey.  

Liam’s Room, Inc. promotes pediatric palliative care as a necessary component of care for any child with potentially life-limiting diagnosis.  We partner with hospitals to create custom-designed, home-like inpatient “Liam’s Rooms” where seriously ill children and their families can feel comfortable and supported.  Further, we assist with funding palliative care education and training for medical professionals and we work to increase the understanding of pediatric palliative care throughout the wider community.