Michaela, a child who has stayed in a Liam's Room.


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Our Mission

Liam's Room Educates

Liam’s Room funds the education of health care providers on the implementation of pediatric palliative care by attending seminars, conferences and training programs throughout the country. Whether curative treatment is available or not, pediatric palliative care needs to be offered to any child facing a potentially life limiting condition – to promote quality of life, for both the child and their family. We also work to increase awareness among the wider medical community and the general public through publicity and presentations.


Liam's Room Transforms

Liam’s Room creates custom designed, home like, inpatient pediatric hospital rooms – “Liam’s Rooms”, where seriously ill children and their families can experience more of the comforts of home. These specially designed inpatient rooms provide a more welcoming environment for the entire family. Sofas, recliners, refrigerator, homework space, in-room video games and movies help to create a home-like atmosphere that eases the inherent difficulties of a child’s prolonged hospital stay.